Mr. Mark Trainer


Minimum Phase LLC创办者与首席工程师

Expert in transducers and acoustic system

Founder and lead engineer of Minimum Phase LLC

Mark Trainer是Minimum Phase LLC的创办者与首席工程师。Minimum Phase LLC是一家设计咨询公司,通过优化各个产品类型的增益带宽表现来帮助工厂和品牌改善他们音频表现,他们的优化方式采用的是跨声学、电子、软件/固件的多学科、自上而下的方法。

Mark在哈曼公司任职12年期间,为笔记本电脑、便携设备与桌面设备设计换能器和声学系统。Mark曾被外派至中国苏州,负责为OEM换能器和哈曼标志性的多媒体产品改进工程设计、提升NPI团队实力。Mark也是Strata Audio(即Soen Audio)的联合创办人,他研发制作了高性能换能器,优化了小型外壳内的低音表现,并以Soen的品牌运输至电视、电脑、平板电脑的制作商处。

Mark Trainer is the founder and lead engineer of Minimum Phase LLC, a design consulting company helping factories and brands improve their audio performance by optimizing gain-bandwidth performance for each product category using a top down multidisciplinary approach of acoustics, electronics and software/firmware.

Mark spent 12 years at Harman designing transducers and acoustic systems for embedded audio in laptops, portable and desktop devices. Mark was an expat in Suzhou China to ramp up the engineering design and NPI team for OEM transducers and Harman’s iconic multimedia products. Mark was also the cofounder of Strata Audio (aka Soen Audio) where he developed and manufactured high performance transducers optimizing bass performance in small enclosures shipping products to TV, computer and tablet manufacturers shipping under the Soen brand name.