Dr. Jason McIntosh



Expert in active noise control to headphones

Expert in acoustic simulation and measurement

Jason McIntosh,1992年在明尼苏达大学获得博士学位,主要研究多孔材料的非线性行为。他的工作包括HVAC系统和耳机的噪声控制、个人通讯设备音频建模、医学设备实时超声波追踪。他是Ares声学模拟与测量系统的主架构师。

Dr. Jason McIntosh received his PhD. From the University of Minnesota in 1992 where he studied the nonlinear behavior of porous materials. His work has included applying active noise control to HVAC systems and headphones, modeling the audio of personal communications devices, and implementing real time ultrasonic tracking of medical devices. He is the main architect of the Ares Acoustic Simulation and Measurement System.