Prof. Wolfgang Klippel




Silver medal recipient of AES

AES Fellow

Professor of University of Technology in Dresden

Wolfgang Klippel曾于前东德德累斯顿工业大学电气工程专业学习,主修语音识别。毕业后,供职于德国东部某扬声器公司,从事换能器建模、声学测量和心理声学相关工作。此后回归学术领域,并于1987年获得声学技术博士学位。

曾在加拿大滑铁卢大学的音频研究组从事博士后研究,并在美国加利福尼亚州北岭的Harman /JBL公司工作。此后,于1997年回到德累斯顿,成立了柯力普公司(Klippel GmbH),致力于研发扬声器和其他换能器的新型控制与测量系统。


Wolfgang Klippel studied electrical engineering at the University of Technology in Dresden, in the former East Germany, where his initial studies focused on speech recognition. Afterwards, he joined a loudspeaker company in the eastern part of Germany where he was engaged in transducer modelling, acoustic measurement and psychoacoustics. He later returned to his studies and received a Ph.D in Technical Acoustics in 1987.

After spending a post-doctoral year at the Audio Research Group in Waterloo, Canada and working at Harman/JBL in Northridge, CA, he returned to Dresden in 1997 and founded Klippel GmbH, a company that develops novel control and measurement systems dedicated to loudspeakers and other transducers.

Dr. Klippel has also been engaged as Professor of Electro-acoustics at the University of Technology in Dresden since 2007. His papers and tutorials on loudspeaker modeling and measurement – particulary those on large signal behaviour and physical distortion mechanisms –are considered reference works in the field.