Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik



Chairman of the AES Technical Committee for Automotive Audio

President & CEO of the Mvoid Group

Alfred J. Svobodnik博士是Mvoid集团的总裁兼首席执行官,专门为汽车、消费者和专业音响提供咨询服务和创新技术,同时也是Mvoid(多学科虚拟优化工业设计)方法的研发人员。Alfred是企业家、思想领袖、工程师和科学家。他在多物理、虚拟和计算声学领域有超过25年的研究经验。

此前,Alfred曾在哈曼国际公司任职5年,在该公司担任音响系统模拟和虚拟声学方面的高级管理人员和执行顾问。1990年,Alfred在Numerical Analysis and Design公司开始了其作为创始人、执行合伙人和首席技术官的职业生涯,这是一家专门对压力分析、结构动力学和计算机声学的有限元和边界元进行工程分析的公司。


Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik is President & CEO of the Mvoid Group, specializing in providing consulting services and innovative technologies for Automotive, Consumer and Professional Audio as well as the developer of Mvoid® (Multidisciplinary virtually optimized industrial Design) methodology. Alfred is entrepreneur, thought leader, engineer and scientist. He has been researching for more than 25 years in the areas of Multiphysics and virtual as well as computational acoustics.

Previously, Alfred spent five years with Harman International Inc. where he held several senior managerial and executive advisor positions in the areas of simulation and virtual acoustics for audio systems. Alfred started his career as founding member, Executive Partner and CTO in 1990 with Numerical Analysis and Design, a company specialized in engineering analysis with finite and boundary elements for stress analysis, structural dynamics and computational acoustics.

He is honorary member of NAFEMS, member of the NAFEMS German Steering Committee and Chairman of the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group as well as founding member of the NAFEMS Professional Simulation Engineering Scheme. Furthermore, he is a full member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and Chairman of the AES Technical Committee for Automotive Audio.