Mr. David J. Murphy




AES Governor(曾任)




AES Fellow

The Chair of the Adelaide Section of AES

Vice President of the International Region of AES(former)

AES Governor(past)

Member of the AES Technical Committee TC-AC (Audio for Cinema)

Member of Standards Committees SC-04-08 Measurement and Equalization of Sound Systems in Rooms

Member of Standards Committees SC-04-03 Loudspeaker Modeling and Measurement

David Murphy在电声建模方面有非常丰富的经验,并且成功开发了一系列商业声学号筒,整合到三通路和四通路影院屏幕系统中。他在澳大利亚和美国都拥有声学号筒设计方面的专利。作为一名阿德莱德的注册工程师,他从1996年开始就为Krix Loudspeakers公司设计扬声器系统。从雷根西技术与继续教育学院(相当于美国两年制大学)电子工程专业毕业后,入职Krix公司。在此之前,他是一名无线电学徒、无线电技术员,并在Philips Hendon Works工作期间取得电子工程学位。在职业生涯中,他对音频一直保持着浓厚兴趣。

在Krix Loudspeakers公司,他广泛利用COMSOL、SolidWorks、电声测量系统如MLSSA、Praxis、EASERA和AcoustX D2。他曾于2004年、2005年、2007年和2016年分别前往韩国、日本和中国,为Krix Loudspeakers公司提供技术支持。最近,他为Krix公司研发了定制电影院设备低频表现的建模和模拟。

自2006年成为AES会士以来,David Murphy已经担任了四年AES国际区VP,并担任了两年AES Governor,目前是AES技术委员会TC-AC(影院音频)、标准委员会SC-04-08“室内音响系统的测量和均衡”,以及SC-04-03“扬声器的建模和测量”的委员。他多次在国际会议上发表论文并作演讲,包括:在旧金山、纽约、洛杉矶、伦敦、柏林、罗马的AES国际会议,悉尼、墨尔本的澳大利亚区域会议。他是一名活跃的AES会员,并且多年来一直担任AES 阿德莱德分会主席。

David Murphy has extensive experience with electro-acoustic modelling and has developed a commercially successful range of acoustic horns, integrating them into 3-way and 4-way cinema screen systems. He holds Australian and US Patents on aspects of acoustic horn design. As an Adelaide based chartered professional engineer, he has been designing loudspeaker systems for Krix Loudspeakers since 1996. He joined Krix after a career in electronic engineering education at the Regency Institute of TAFE (equivalent to a US two year college). Prior to that he was a radio apprentice, radio technician, and gained an Electronic Engineering Degree while at the Philips Hendon Works. He has maintained a continuous interest in audio during his career.

At Krix Loudspeakers he uses COMSOL and SolidWorks extensively, and electro-acoustic measurement systems such as MLSSA, Praxis, EASERA, and the AcoustX D2. He has undertaken technical support visits to South Korea, Japan and China for Krix Loudspeakers in 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2016. More recently he has developed modelling and simulation of the low frequency behavior of custom cinema installations for Krix.

An AES Fellow since 2006, David Murphy has been Vice President of the International Region for four years, a Governor for two years, and is presently a member of the AES Technical Committee TC-AC (Audio for Cinema) and Standards Committees SC-04-08 Measurement and Equalization of Sound Systems in Rooms and SC-04-03 Loudspeaker Modeling and Measurement. He has presented papers or workshops at AES International Conventions in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Rome, and Australian Regional Conventions in Sydney and Melbourne. He is an active AES member and has been the Chair of the Adelaide Section of the Audio Engineering Society for many years.