Announcement of 7th International Symposium on ElectroAcoustic Technologies

The attendee registration for 7th International Symposium on ElectroAcoustic Technologies (ISEAT2019) starts up on 19 August.


Symposium Dates:

Nov. 9th-10th, 2019

Symposium Venue:

Shenzhen virtual university park, Shenzhen, China



Software and hardware technologies related to electroacoustics, including research results, R&D reports, technology trends and technology management. The following topics will be preferred (but not be restricted to) 

●  Mobile Acoustic
●  Reinforcement technology 
●  Automobile  Acoustic●  Recording, mixing
●  The Internet of things, IOT●  Intelligent Home / smart Speaker / intelligent voice
●  High-end equipment /intelligent Manufacturing●  Sense of immersion sound effect
●  Acoustic & artificial intelligence●  Audio signal processing and analysis
● Loudspeaker,transducer,earphone, receiver & transmitter●  Noise reduction technology
●  Measurement technology in the electroacoustic●  Architectural acoustics
●  Tools software in the electroacoustic & building acoustics●  Concert halls, theatres
●  Subjective evaluate of sound quality●  Professional cinema and home theater
●  New materials●  Gymnasium, auditorium, conference rooms   



More than 30 well-known experts, scholars, industry leaders, senior engineers and technology decision-makers in China and abroad.


The quota of registration is limited. First come, first served. If the quota is full, the registration channel will be closed ahead of time. Please register as soon as possible.


Attendees who have registered and paid can participate in various academic reports and on-site exhibition. Conference proceedings and other information set are available for each conference attendee. ISEAT will offer free lunch during the symposium. The expenses of traffic and accommodation are not included in the register fee.

Registration fees are related to the time period of registration and payment: 



1. Attendees without Mainland China resident identity card and full-time students on campus can register by

2. Half-price discount for student tickets.




Sophie Chen (Secretary)    Tel: 0755-2655 1977


Yong Shen (Chairman)   Tel: 025-8359 3416



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